About the Frazier Greenhouse: From a hay field to a vegetable garden, from a vegetable garden to long rows of cut flowers and everlastings, a love of plants and flowers is at the heart of the Frazier Greenhouse retail business in Roxbury, Vermont. If it's beautiful, colorful, has the best in plant breeding characteristics available today, you will find it for sale on our benches. Whether it's a patented, cutting grown plant or a seed grown variety, we know how to grow a healthy plant that will perform beautifully for our customers once they plant them at home. We strive for excellence in plant selection, offering a wide variety of plant species with cultivars that will out perform the competition. We are a one-stop shopping experience, where you'll find everything you need for a beautiful home and garden. So stop by and have a look, tour out beautiful gardens, meet out mascot Gigi, and enjoy the beauty!


History: Frazier Greenhouse opened in 1999, operating out of a beautiful wood framed structure with wooden rafters that cast lovely shadows. Back then, seed grown annuals and perennials were still the rage, and choosing what to grow and sell was simpler because the choices were fewer. Patented annuals and perennials had not begun to dominate the plant industry, so our focus was on offering the best of the classic plants and the more exotic, hard to find species that were unavailable elsewhere, to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

 Over the years we researched seed grown plant varieties by growing them ourselves and deciding which varieties performed the best, which ones were the most beautiful, the most prolific, the hardiest for our cold climate, etc. Out of this research we slowly added the patented plants, along with their superior plant features, like ease of care, longevity, and plant disease resistance. From the multitude of breeders, we isolated those plants that were the most beautiful and durable, and offered the best season-long performance.

 Today, although our operation has grown, we still offer those wonderful seed grown classics that everybody loves, as well as the best from today’s leading plant breeders. Frazier’s Greenhouse offers a full spectrum gardening experience, with everything from annuals and perennials to flowering shrubs, roses, peonies, and herbs and vegetables.